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TechDoodles is an India-based software and mobile apps development company, offering end to end IT services and solutions to various clients across the globe, including SMBs, start-ups and large enterprises. Our service offerings include developing best-in- class mobile applications, custom applications, web based applications, gaming and IT consulting.

“What gives us an edge? We believe in total customer orientation. We listen to you and we fully align our strategies to your business vision. We work as your reliable IT outsourcing partner while you focus on building your core-business and new innovation strategies to beat the customer’s expectations ahead of your competition.”

Backed by strong technology and industry expertise in developing highly innovative and feature-rich applications, Tech Doodles helps clients to achieve an edge over their competition. We understand that today’s market is a volatile market, characterized by explosion of new technologies, new products and even new trends. Tech Doodles believe in turning these challenges into better opportunities for your business. We, thus, specialize in empowering you to make strategic use of new opportunities through a portfolio of high-quality, innovative and of course affordable applications.

At TechDoodles, our team of highly expert software developers, mobile gaming developers, business analysts and software testers work along with you towards a common goal of achieving enhanced operational efficiency for your enterprise. With our best industry practices and streamlined, defined processes, we are able to execute even the complex of projects with ease.

In a nutshell,
we offer our integrated application development services and turn-key solutions to help you achieve:
  • Accelerated speed to market
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Enhanced innovation capabilities
  • High business performance
  • Mobile Icons & Graphics designing
td mission and vision
Mission: We want to deliver high quality solutions to our clients and help them realize their true business vision in the backdrop of emergent technologies and evolving customer requirements.
Vision: We want to emerge as a reliable IT services outsourcing partner and help our customers build futuristic organizations and offer innovative, creative solutions time after time.
td core values

Core Values

At TechDoodles, we believe in long-term relationships and sustainable success. We are governed by a set of carefully devised core values that clearly support our vision and reflect who we are.

Respect to one and all: This is the cornerstone of our company culture. We value and respect all individuals with absolutely no exception. We understand that valuing one’s dignity instills trust and confidence that inspire people to achieve miraculous results both personally and professionally.

Our People: Our people are our best asset. We believe that only exceptional people can deliver outstanding results. We value our people; create opportunities for them to pursue growth for themselves and the organization. We strive to maintain a work culture which is open to innovative ideas; where new ideas are appreciated and change is considered an opportunity to grow, learn and evolve.

Integrity and Trust: We work towards building trust by being ethical, professional and transparent in all our business dealings; and by taking ownership of our actions at all times.

High customer orientation: It’s not an option for us but an imperative. We understand that we are only successful if our clients are successful. We embrace their challenges and enable them to see these challenges as potential area of opportunities. We work hand in hand to help them realize their business vision of high growth and business transformation.

Commitment to quality: We pride ourselves in delivering high level of quality to our clients each time, every time.

A healthy work-life balance for employees: We place a great importance to the value of family and personal life and create environment to help employees achieve this balance. We know that a happy person is more inclined towards making positive contributions to the workplace in all respects.